´Looking at the skies, I seem to see a million eyes.

Which ones are yours?´


Barbera Streisand

Papa, Can You Hear Me? - 1983

- submitted by Vivian van Vlaanderen -


´Do what´s good for you 

or you´re no good for anybody.´


Billy Joel

James - 1976

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´I thought I was smart but I soon found out

I didn´t know what life was all about.´


Bananarama & Fun Boy Three

It Ain´t What You Do  - 1981

- submitted by Ramón Dorenbos -

´Can´t you find something else to talk about?

Is this song the only song you sing?´


Alexander O´Neal

Criticize - 1987

- submitted by YOFASOQU -


´I´m gonna love me, for the rest of my days.´


Candi Staton

Young Hearts Run Free  - 1976

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Me, I´ll take her laughter and her tears and

make them all my souvenirs.´


Charles Aznavour

She - 1974

- submitted by Natascha Dorenbos -