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The idea to launch YOur FAvorite SOngtext QUotes came from the back of Stealers Wheel´s 1972 debut album with the title´Stealers Wheel´. This is what they mentioned:

¨We know that you believe you understand what you

think we said, but we are not sure you realise 

that what you heard is not what we meant.¨

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 ´You´ll never know the

psychopath sitting next to you´ 


Twenty One Pilots

Suicide Squad -201

- submitted by Duncan Dorenbos -

´Yeah they comin' for my head though.

Funny thing about it they don't always see my head though.´


Mike Will Made It, Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, ASAP Ferg

CREED II - 2018

- submitted by Duncan Dorenbos -

 ´Is that the question?´ 


Pearl Jam

Alive -1991

- submitted by Yofasoqu -

´Turn that down

and clean up your room.´


Level 42

Hot Water - 1984

- submitted by YOFOSUQU-

 ´Jezus left a long time ago, said he would return,

He left us a book to believe in.´ 


Marvine Gaye

Wholy Holy -1971

- submitted by Ramón Dorenbos -

´When I´m deep inside of me

Don´t be too concerned.´


Billy Joel

Honesty - 1978

- submitted by YOFOSUQU-

 ´I look in the mirror and I see a broken man,

it´s such a sorry side to see.´ 



Where Is The Love -1994

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Far more frequently you´re wearing perfume.

With you say no special place to go.´


Stevie Wonder

Lately - 1980

- submitted by YOFOSUQU-

 ´She had to get a pimp,

she couldn´t make it on her own.´


Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

The Message -1982

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Bus driver, please look for me.´



Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree - 1973

- submitted by YOFOSUQU-

´Not afraid to close my eyes,

Life's a game made for everyone.´



Wake Me Up - 2013

- submitted by Duncan Dorenbos-

 ´Yesterday is dead and gone

and tomorrow´s out of sight.´


Sammi Smith

Help Me Make It Through The Night  -1970

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´The best you can hope for is to die in your sleep.´


Kenny Rogers

The Gambler - 1978

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

 ´War is all around us,

my mind says prepare to fight.´



1999 - 1982

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´The places behind you, let them remind you.´


The Temptations

Don't Look Back - 1965

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Wasn't it me who said that nothing good's gonna last forever?´


Diana Ross

Touch Me In The Morning - 1973

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Are we living in a land where sex and horror are the new gods?´


Frankie Goes To Holywood

Two Tribes - 1984

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´That's just the way it goes,



Robbie Nevil

C'est La Vie  - 1986

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

 ´And in my dreams

I´ve kissed your lips a thousand times.´


Lionel Richie

Hello - 1983

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Won't you sign up you name,

We'd like to feel you're acceptable.´



Logical Song - 1979

- submitted by Brian Schandorf -

 ´You did what you did to me.

Now it´s history I see.´



Big In Japan - 1984

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´These songs are in our blood.´


The Pasadenas

Tibute (Right On)  - 1988

- submitted by Ramón Dorenbos -

´It´s three-o-one in the morning.

Another sleepless night.´


The S.O.S. Band

Borrowed Love - 1986

- submitted by Ramón Dorenbos -

´Faster and faster we were higher then high.

For once in my lifetime I was finally free.´


Fat Larry´s Band

Zoom - 1982

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Ain't no use in complainin,'

When you've got a job to do.´


Bryan Adams

Summer of '69 - 1985

- submitted by Ramón Dorenbos -

´Forefinger on the button,

is he blue or is he red.´


Nik Kershaw

I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - 1982

- submitted by Yofasoqu -


´For all the times you told me you need me,

needing me now is something I could use.´


Melissa Manchester

Midnight Blue - 1975

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Communication is the problem to the answer.´



The Things We Do For Love - 1977

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´What a pity that the people from the city,

can´t relate the slower things that the country brings.´


Neil Young

Here We Are In The Years - 1969

- submitted by Ron Bulters -

´I´ll live and love and maybe someday.

Who knows baby, you may comfort me.´


The Beatles

Old Brown Shoe - 1969

- submitted by Ron Bulters -


´Deep in his heart, he´s just a boy.

Living his life one day at a time.´


Christopher Cross

Arthur´s Theme - 1998

- submitted by YOFASOQU -


´It was so right, it was so wrong.

Almost at the same time.´


Michael McDonald

I Can Let Go Now - 1982

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´People talking without speaking.

People hearing withtout listening´


Simon & Garfunkel

The Sound Of Silence

- submitted by Brian Schandorf -

´I swear you´ve taught me everything I know.

Can´t imagine needing someone so.´


Kenny Rogers

Through The Years - 1981

- submitted by  YOFASOQU -

´She came from the land of the cotton.

A land that was nearly forgotten by everyone.´


Gram Parsons

She - 1973

- submitted by YOFASOQU -


´When I was faster, I was always behind´


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Slowpoke - 1971

- submitted by  Ramón Dorenbos -

´Young and free and that should be the way it´s gotta be.´


Hamilton & joe Frank & Reynold

Fallin´ In Love - 1975

- submitted by YOFASOQU -


´Morning fields of amber grain.

Weathered faces lined in pain.´


Don McLean

Vincent - 1971

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´We don´t talk the way we used to talk.

It´s hurting so deep.´


Karen White

Superwoman - 1988

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´And I wouldn´t care if you´re ugly. 

Cause here with the lights out I couldn´t see.´


Scott Walker

Time Operator - 1970

- submitted by Ron Bulters -


´Your friends tell you, it´s no future

loving a married man.´


Millie Jackson

I Don´t Want To Be Right - 1974

- submitted by  YOFASOQU -

´Sometimes the lights all shining on me.

Other times I can barely see.´


Grateful Dead

Truckin´ - 1970

- submitted by Ron Bulters -

´Smoking cigarettes and writing

something nasty on the wall.´


Stevie Wonder

I Wish  - 1976

- submitted by YOFASOQU -


´If I could make a wish, I think I´d pass.

Can´t think of anything I need.´


The Hollies

The Air That I Breathe - 1974

- submitted by  YOFASOQU

´I´m not sure why I´d called.

I guess I really just wanted to talk to you.´


England Dan & John Ford Coley

I´d Really Love To See You Tonight  - 1976

- submitted by YOFASOQU -


´Only my love holds the other key to me.´


Paul McCartney and Wings

My Love - 1973

- submitted by Ramón Dorenbos -

´Each day you try on a different person.

Trying to find out who you really are.´


Stealers Wheel

Next to You - 1972

- submitted by Ramón Dorenbos -

´I guess we are who we are.´


Nate Ruess

Headlights - 2013

- submitted by Duncan Dorenbos -

´A little light a-shinin through the window, lets me know everything is alright.´


Seals and Crofts

Summer Breeze - 1972

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´What´s gonna be left of the world if you´re not in it?´



Good Grief - 1982

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´His hands, they never hit me sober.

His hands, they never marked my face.´


Janis Ian

His hands - 1992

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´I said hello unnoticed.

You said goodbye too soon.´


Rod Stewart

You´re In My Heart - 1977

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´She still remembers you.

The first boy that she

gave it to.´


Terence Trent D´Arby

Let Her Down Easy - 1993

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´When I think back on all the crap I learned in High school.

It´s a wonder I can think at all.´


Paul Simon

Kodachrome - 1973

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´Ooh there have been times when times were hard.

But always somehow I made it, I made it through.´


Gladys Night & The Pimps

Best Thing That Ever Hapenned To Me - 1973

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´This feeling inside me could never deny me.

The right to be wrong if I choose.´


Gilbert O´Sullivan

Nothing Rhymed - 1971

- submitted by YOFASOQU -


´I´ll cross that bridge when I find it.´


Duran Duran

The Reflex - 1983

- submitted by YOFASOQU -


´I was scared. Tired and under prepared.

But I wait for it.´



In My Place - 2002

- submitted by YOFASOQU -

´They couldn't touch us, even if they tried.´


Stevie Wonder

Master Blaster - 1980

- submitted by Brian Schandorf -